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  Scotties top Tornadoes. 


News from the
Athletic Director




Winter Sports Meeting was held on 
November 12th
if you could not attend please
contact the A.D.










Athletic Committee News & Scheduling

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If you would like to learn more or have suggestions for
the Athletic Committee( WMAC), please contact
Brent Mirgon at 740-297-0444 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


          West Pike Starfire is teaming up with West Muskingum Schools.  
          Starfare will donate $.03 for every $1.00 spent inside their store. 
          This includes ALL purchases; gas, food, gum, etc.
        When you make a purchase, simply ask the cashier
to stamp your reciept 
         for the school and turn it in to any West M school drop box.  
         That's it!!  It is that easy!!
All money earned goes toward pay-to-play
          for West Muskingum Athletics.


     West Muskingum now has a Parent Run Athletic Committee. 
       The goal of this group is to reduce the Athletic fees that our student athletes pay. 
       Everyone who has a child playing sports will be asked to help out. 
       You can sign up to help with concessions, help with fund raisers, 
       help schedule people to work the events, or work the sporting events.

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